ILD Spire Green

ILD Spire Greens

One l ook, and you’ll see apartments – spacious & exceptionally well-designed. With spectacularly large windows that bathe your home in sunlight. And unique perforated building elevations that ensure a heady dose of fresh air is your constant companion. A dream abode for your family and you.

 Have a c loser look, and you’ll discover a sustainable development that’s designed to make you part of a community that is both sensitive and responsible towards the environment. A result of our ‘MAINSTREAM GREENdevelopment ideology, that makes ILD SPIRE GREENS an eco-habitat where:
*   Bio-climatically designed buildings that rest amidst an aesthetic Green Thread

*   Unique well-ventilated perforated elevations to offset carbon-dioxide build-up inside buildings,  besides, reducing the need to switch on your air-conditioning.

*   Roof gardens & terrace gardens not only add luxury to living, but also go a long way in replacing the vegetative footprint consumed in the making of the complex
*   Low-flow bathroom fixtures automatically reduce water consumption

An elaborate system of rainwater harvesting works in harmony with energy-saving measures to partially relieve the strain on water & power resources